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Texas PTA NEW Digital Roster and Dues


Gone are the days of worry about postmark dates, paying to mail membership rosters and handing out membership cards. 

You can now do it all digitally in just a few steps!  

First things first! Login to myPTEZ and add the members who paid to join. Now it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step One: Download “Print Dues Summary” (CSV file) from myPTEZ. Double-check names and emails of members you added to ensure accuracy, membership cards will be sent directly to emails provided. 

Step Two: Notify Your Treasurer: Request funds through the Funds Request Form, verify available funds and notify Treasurer of expected ACH date.

Step Three: Upload Print Dues Summary (CSV file) from myPTEZ.

Is your PTA eligible to participate? 

  • If you are currently listed on, the answer is YES! We will automatically opt you in.
  • If you are not currently listed on and want to participate or would like to opt-out of this service, your Treasurer must complete this form.

Interested in learning more? Watch these video tutorials: 

Upload Rosters, Pay Dues and Send Cards

Two convenient ways to get your members digital cards

Click here to submit your Digital Roster, Pay Dues and Send Electronic Member Cards.

From Texas PTA website:

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